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Bernadette McKnight

I was a bit disappointed that the north West has not been covered. we have a secret treasure in Gatley (aleafy village near Manchester airport). The Griddle and Grill has been open since after the war. Not much has changed since.They decorated in the '60's but not since. The food is all cooked on a griddle. The bread is cut on a bacon slicer and the milkshakes are made with ice cream. Our children love going there more than McDonalds. (Thank God!)The cafe has been passed down the generations. It provides a wonderful sanctuary for people from all walks off like and has not sold out to fashionable trends. Today, I go with my family but in my youth, it provided me with an instant hangover cure. I implore you to give it a try.


yes, the northwest is a big hole on here - I need to get a trip under my belt. Many thanks for the suggestion - sounds great.



Victoria Jones

Hi there

I heard you on BBC Wales talking about your cafe project.

Can I recommend you visit a cafe in Pontypool (Gwent), in the high street a few doors up down from Woolworths.

I think it used to be called Henriettas, but now doesn't have a name. It is run by an old chap who wears a brown overall coat like a wood work teacher.

It is very much like walking into a bygone era. I don't think it can have changed much since the 50's. The food is basic egg beans and chips fare, but very tasty especially the sausages and bacon. If you order a cappuccino it will come in a tall glass. My daughter who is 11 loves this place and tries to persuade me to take her every week, even though it is out of our way. She is particularly taken with the aged dumb waiter which you can watch delivering the food from upstairs. It is worked by the waiting staff pulling ropes on pulleys. If the load is heavy they struggle to control it.... fascinating to watch.

We moved from London to Wales last summer and it is rare to find a cafe so unchanged.

best wishes on your trip to Wales


fantastic tip. many thanks

Glyn Hughes

I'd like to recommend the New Green Cafe on Willesden High Road.

Traditional cafe fare and a wider range of meals at lunch times. Service is always incredibly fast and attentive. Food attractively presented on gigantic squared off oval plates. Teabag left in your mug so you cam make it as strong as you want. I once ordered apple pie and ice cream - lovely flaky pastry and 3(!)scoops of ice cream. A varied and cosmopolitan clientele. Green marble effect formica tables and green decor.

Richard Harrold

For me, the best has to be the 'Green Midget' in Bromley. I don't know if it actually existed, but that was the location of Monty Python's 'Spam' sketch. Also, there is an excellent not-quite-so-greasy spoon cafe on Platform 2 at Sheffield Park station on the Bluebell Railway in Sussex - great if you're after a 'heart attck on a plate', but also good if you go with a companion who's looking for something rather classier - they do excellent curries and fish dishes - I seem to remeber that they did an exceptional dish involving swordfish. For that well-earned lunch after a hard morning shopping, there is an excellent cafe (albeit very small) called Annie's in Leatherhead High Street - the only problem is the lack of decent shops! Don't worry, though - it really didn't deserve being voted the worst High St in the UK.

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