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Ashley Shaw

Where do you stand on supermarket fry-ups? Morrisons in Eccles do a cracking breakfast in a non-smoky, non-greasy atmosphere that's preferable to other eateries nearby.

Good luck with the book...


You are so not good for my diet.

I'd kill for a good fry up.

I havent had one in a year.


Like most people who are into cafe culture, I believe 'smokey + greasy atmospheres' are part of the overall experience. Take that away and you've got what you say, Morrisons.


Had a superb time going through your posts! You are so...British!
Now I'm back in Spain, I miss my local greasy spoon (that's somewhere near Camden Road for you). Sometimes. Don't miss the weather though.

BTW, don't you EVER ask for something different? Dunno, sausage, mushrooms, whatever... There must be something wrong about eating so many baked beans.
Oh well.

Nice read.:)

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