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I do like a place that offers tea (or coffee) in a mug. Can't be doing with those titchy cups.


Unless it's against Russel's ethos, I would love to see a report about a Cafe he really didn't like, with pics included. Anyone else agree? Just out of curiosity really.


hello Chris,

Interesting thought. I can appreciate the idea. It'd be fun. But I decided not to do that when I started this. I really hate all those books called Crap This and Crap That and I don't want to contribute to the tidal wave of crapness. This is about good cafes. Sorry. I can see a niche opening for someone though.


"The egg nestling between bacon and chips, like the VIP area at Live8. The beans forming a more informal culinary moshpit."

Russell, this was beautiful. Really. Pure poetry.

Trevor & Gloria Mcilveen

just to mention Cagneys in Templars Square Oxford.do a great all day breakfast.As well as a full menue.On the walls are photos of James Cagney, hence the name.


looks like an old pie and eel shop ... the colouring I mean.

Daniel John Rust

Lovely place full of cheer. This appears to be because the food is excellent and prices keen. It is served with charm and good nature. This makes the customers cheerful and in turn the staff cheerful. I have been to the other River Cafe near Hammersmith Bridge and that place I could not criticise for food and ambience. But the River Cafe at Putney Bridge is better in my opinion as an all round experience.Lovely interior and a great vew out of the picture windows of the old District Railway designed station with a sucession of big red buses moving past. A great place to visit. Big mug of tea 60p !


hi, i think it is formica on the tables, for future identification, its a thin laminate placed on top of the wood, often with a pattern. Formica isnt the type of laminate, its the company that makes it.

Please ignore how sad I sound in my description of a table surface, but im a great fan of these old cafes and 'greasy spoons', and you pick up info as you guzzle bacon in lots of different places.



Came across your website as I am looking for a fantastic breakfast joint, fancy-style, in West London to take my aunt for her birthday. She is Danish and a wonderful Danish tradition is to celebrate your birthday in the morning, hence looking for a special breakfast venue (ie: Claridges or the Wollesly).

However, I am so inspired by your blog that I wanted to put in a good word for a cafe I discovered out of boredom and quite by accident while touring B&Q stores.

The name of this delighful, honest-to-goodness place is The South Chingford Cafe, (nr. the North Circular and the B&Q Chingford).

What a delight! Clean as a hospital should be. Brekkie served to order as I wanted it: (well-done sausage, under-done bacon, fried slice not a problem) and the real clincher - the owner or chef coming out and asking if I wanted to sample his soup he just made.

What a wonderful find! Not exciting at all to look at from the outside but a real haven for good honest stodge cooked proudly by people who had a passion for their product. All under £4 for the Real English!

If you want, I can only suggest you track it down next time you are in Chingford, or South Chingford, home of the greasy spoon.


PS My local is Mona Lisa in Chelsea on the Kings Road

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