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Superbly written! And your photo's create hunger pangs. You have a wonderful future ahead of you extolling the delights of the EBCB. Full marks, well done...!!


written in splendid style. mr. russel, what about it? ;)

Joan Lockwood

I've been reading your blog for well over a year and long to sample one the places you mention on my next trip to London with my English husband!!!!


delicious site russel!

Halal Harry

Disappointed to learn you read the Guardian. Do you realise bacon would be a no go in Madeline Buntings world ?

Halal Harry

Salt in the wound, you say in the review of City Corner, Middlesex St -

"slightly scary vibe though, perhaps it was the St George's Cross on the wall"

Get with the times. Its now OK to be English and proud. Not racist, not imperialistic, but cool. See Ruth Kelly and Trevor Phillips.

Halal Harry

But I wont hold any of that against you. Great site. I love visiting every now and again.

Egg,Bacon,Chips and beans. Bloody marvolous.


Hey, this is a brilliant concept for a blog. :-) More like a travel guide on the web, only there are better reviews. Keep it up!


Do they offer a free bottle of beer with every sandwich? :P

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