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I always pay a visit to EBC&B while at work in the morning but no breakfast has made me as hungry as this one!

Account Deleted

I am but an ignorant yank, so please bear with me. I've not seen the volcano egg configuration before in which a yolk seems to be turtling. By what means is this effect achieved. Also, why? The bean's purposeful but ultimately meaningless bid for for freedom is poignant. If you'll excuse me, I need a moment..


hello Fred,

I think if we start asking how? and why? we'll both shatter the illusion and up the wordcount. Neither of which, anyone wants. Best just to dream, and to accept.


Those chips certainly look tasty, that texture and size says to me 'homemade standard'. Nice one

Nick Thomas

Don't you think the beans look intriguingly like a Rorschach test? I do, but I really couldn't say what it reminds me of Mother! Rosebud! Spongebob!

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