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Virginal eggs. Suicidal chips. Poetry, I have to say it again, with no irony at all.

(actually, I think this might be a great t-shirt, "virginal eggs and suicidal chips". Or a tv series. ok, enough)


Ah, that brings back memories. I used to live in the house on the left of the picture, sharing a basement with these guys and sleeping right next to the exhaust pipes...

Gian Marco Tedaldi

I'm from valtaro in Italy (Bedonia - Parma).
Hi to all!!!


I used to live up the road until I went all Bohemian. Prague's a wonderful place, but i can't tell you how I miss a Valtaro fry up on a Sunday morning. They're really generous with the bacon, too. And the prices couldn't be fairer. Breakfast while Snappy Snaps develops your films. Bygone days, eh...?

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