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Firstly, Congratulations on a wonderful site. Secondly, did you happen to see whether or not this little place is open on Sat?

Duncan Kinnear

Hi there!

This is such a brilliant site!

Hey, I'm passing through London on my way from here in NZ to my folks place in Scotland. On the day I arrive at Heathrow in the morning I have to travel to Euston to get a train at 2pm.

Can you recommend a good EBCB place near Euston?

Thanks in advance.

PS If you can email me at duncan (at) cleat DOT net DOT nz, that would be greatly appreciated.


I'm not sure I know anywhere near Euston, but I'm sure other people might - anyone got any suggestions?


I'm not sure if the Embankment cafe is open on Saturdays. I suspect it is. But I might be down there again soon, I'll check.



What day are you arriving in London. Will it be a weekday ? What time will you arrive at Heathrow ? Let me know and I'll give you a few suggestions.

There are a few scruffy places near Euston, that aren't really worth the effort. If you've got time, you should visit somewhere better, maybe a few tube stops away from Euston.


just curious have yu ever had your cholesterol checked? My guess is you don't care and want to go to your grave smiling. I salute you for that....gonna die anyhoo might as well have a good brekky

Nat  King Coleslaw

Have you ever been to the Hambone Cafe in London's Docklands?


I'm planning to go there tomorrow. Will be taking a nice dose of hayfever/allergy tablets! I will let you know if it's open. mmm egcb's..or the closest offer.


Good choice Russell, I went there yesterday. They also have a lot of what they call "traditional Italian food", which is nice too. Good, strong tea. Be warned, the park is full of plane trees - the ones with the evil fluffy brown pollen seed pods that make you sneeze even if you're not normally a hayfever sufferer..


Oops, sorry, I meant to say that about the cafe in Russel Sq. But those evil trees are everywhere!


Love this post - the suntan analogy made me laugh out loud. Can't wait to get over there to try these places!


Apologies for the delayed feedback. They were open on Sat and it was wonderful to be out in a park having breakfast. Loved this little place.But yes the trees they are evil....


is maggie chang jui fen asian
taiwanese woman with a red rose tatoo in the neck
working here as bar staff ?

James Goss

"There are a few scruffy places near Euston, that aren't really worth the effort."

Can I just stick up for Euston? There's the Golden Tulip on Phoenix Road.

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