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Wager Witch


Eggs - Fries - Bacon and Beans...

Is this a NORMAL??? English breakfast?

Are they baked beans?

OMG - how funny - but I am an Earl Grey Drinker with a spot of cream.

Have a great day and thanks for the lovely pics of everywhere!

Wager Witch
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Freddy Thomas

I don't agree with your comments on the prices, for central London its good. You are oviously used to the suburbs. That's for the interior I found it bright and up to date. I particularly like the fact that it is run by an Italian family who know their coffee and not a mass market chain.


used to the suburbs? have you seen the rest of the site?


I must go to this place, it looks lovely. Btw, your blog ALWAYS makes me hungry.
And my top tip is the Hope Workers Cafe, 111 Holloway Road, opposite the (what used to be) North London Uni architecture school. I have nothing but good memories of that place.


my boyfriend and i had a lovely breakfast at this place one sunny summer morning. brought back nice memories for me.

T.W. Keator

I enjoy eating here. I went here in 1989,1990, 2006, 2007 and I will again this year during my May trip to England. I stay around the corner at the Tavistock Hotel, as the Imperial Hotel has become a bit too pricey for me.

T. Keator
New York, USA

Sally D

That is what I call a breakfast it looks delicious.

Bill Jones

This place does not only provide a wide range of anglo italian food from fry ups to pizza, the espresso is the best in the city (if made by the right member of staff) and the ice cream is wonderful. This family run business has is no match for the standardised coffee chains that london is swarmed with and to be quite honest the prices are reasonable for its location. Coffee is certainly cheaper and the paninos are definetely worth it. Overall a place that is at the heart of the community...fabulous

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