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From my very limited limited knowledge of Japanese, the title says something about "food blog English person loves breakfast". Sorry, for the poor attempt at translation. Mentions your site and book.

maybe take this to your local japanese friend or restaurant for a translation. If it weren't for the article being a .jpg, i'd babelfish it.


And guess who is Typepad's blog of the day for 19 Julyhttp://www.sixapart.com/typepad/start?!


Hello from Japan.
The article is basically about how food blogs are becoming more and more popular these days. Regarding your blog, it mentions how you describe British cafes and the ordinary daily life of people who frequent them. Nice article, I would say, especially since it was the article that brought me here!

Kevin Flynn

Russell, this Japanese blog -- http://blog.livedoor.jp/chichi_uk2002/archives/2006-03.html -- also gives you a mention.

According to Babel Fish, it says:

Then, Egg, Bacon and Chips and Beans: 50 Great Cafes and the Stuff That Makes Them Great As for ブログサイト コチラ. The coffee of a certain type (appearing in Eastenders well in the English street corner, you rival feeling) it introduces, however it is, in order for there to be a title of the book, the photograph of the English breakfast of generally known full just sees Sawayama... the ぁ where the stomach becomes all the way... (the ^^ HKDRT. Such coffee っ て, there is no causing れ which with glance is difficult to enter very, in order for every day of the people who can be less crowded and live in the ど and England to be visible, very it is cute. As for details, コチラ

I suspect "the coffee" is meant to be "the cafe" - but the rest rings pretty true, wouldn't you say? Especially that bit about "where the stomach becomes all the way". I think that just about says it all...

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