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the food looks great


That's my husbands favorite sunday breakfast. : )


Raffles USP is the small plastic inflatable Big Ben in the front window - I bet that pulls in the tourists.

Other plus points - it's open till 10pm 7 days a week, the black and white photo gallery of Hollywood film stars, and the cafe radio, which seems to permanently play late 70s-mid 80s classics.


Have you ever noticed how a good cup of English tea looks quite like a decent cup of American coffee? Also, I don't think I've ever had quite as good a cup of tea over here in the US even though we import our PG Tips.



Someone once told me that having chips with an English breakfast was a big no no. Is this really the case?


I think it's more traditional to have a hash brown with an English breakfast, but Russel's book shows just how nice it is to have chips instead!


I lived next door to Raffles for 5 years, just above the paddington dental practise. It is without doubt the finest authentic greasy spoon in the whole of london, and completely unparalleled. There is nothing that couldn't be fixed by a big ben breakfast. I had it the morning I shifted in, and the morning I shifted out, and as a mark of respect and sadness. The coffee was the best and I would always get a cup on the way to work. Sid and English Dave loved raffles, as did Stinky and Rich when I took them there. Nat Bliss also loved it. Next time I am back in London, raffles will be on my hit list for sure. God Bless.

Mary Davis Madsen

Ooooooh, this did'nt 'alf make me old 'north-n-south water, it did.
This old 'kid' from Paddington, now living in Boston, Mass. USA Sure good go for one of those smashing meals, being served at 'Reffles' Might 'pop-in' one day......Mary Davis Madsen

Jim Buzbee

I spent a week in London during the Chelsea Flower Show week and had breakfast at Raffles every morning and lunch one day. The food and service were great. We were served outside by a young man from Turkey. He could not have been more accommodating or nicer. The food was great and a super value.

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