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Paul Coupe

Well, I can't comment on the quality of the EBCB here, but I can say with some conviction that this place does without question the worst pizzas and kebabs it has ever been my drunken misfortune to experience. I shudder even now, several years later at the thought!


this is all well and good sir, but is the meat free range and the beans organic and the coffee fair trade?


Just looking at the signboard made me hungry..I guess the asterisk made it more attractive and enticing to look..


My partner adores breakfast, but I'm a little squeamish just about the eggs, so don't even get me started on whether beans have any place on a breakfast plate.

Andres Vergara

Found you some nice vintage pictures. Enjoy!





this is one of the greatest places to eat

me and my bro call it "cafe filth" and it is where all kings should feast


I had the All Day Breakfast and it was really nice. It was also nice that I could have it at 7am when nearly everywhere else was closed.

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