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Thanks for more superb pictures; makes me wish I lived closer to London. Up north, it's harder to find such a veriety of cafes. But today I made an effort to find somewhere new, with pleasant results. Thank you for the inspiration.


"They almost seem like salmon leaping over some rocks to dive into the beans."

I will never ever tire of this blog :)


God I love the good old blue stripey crockery!


I like to make these quicker pans without the formality from phone cam and p/s cameras.


That is a lovely picture. Great colours.

(Oh and yeah, it does look as though you're having a right laugh...)

tara bethune-leamen

green. orange. very nice. we have nothing in canada like this. i think...

Simon Savory

Someone call the Tate and get that picture trademarked, or at least printed, laminated and slotted into postcard racks across the country. Just beautiful! My compliments to the condiments.

Only one thing could make it better in my eyes - a pot of Mint sauce. But that would be a travesty.


I've walked past this place more times than I can mention. Why haven't I ever stopped?!

BTW - you really should try the Acropolis cafe on the market square in Derby next time you are up that way.


I once sat in the Double Six with a couple of mates, listening to some cabbies at a nearby table. During an animated discussion on James Bond, one of them asked the imponderable question: "But who will be remembered in 2000 years' time, James Bond or Jesus Christ?"

I seem to recall that the Full English and mug of splosh was a tasty and filling repast. Glad to know the place is still there, as I'm still mourning the loss of Steve's in Lower Marsh.


I recall the occasion as described by Jim above. A group of us used to meet here and at a couple of other cafes.

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