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Looks fantastic, but as a side question, when's the next book out Russell? The first one gave so much fun last Christmas.


That is a fantastic view.


love your style russell...i'm coming to london visiting a chef friend of mine and only have one (or maybe 2) mornings to sample some local ebcb's.

where's the spot to hit?

Emma Jay

I love yr book and website. I have never commented on one or a blog before as I dont know how to. My son got this space for me.
I am trying to get info on my favourite old cafe, The Blue Sky, by corner of Westbourne Grove and Chepstow Rd,London W2, between PAddington and Portobello Rd, which was my home from home from 1974-80.I lived in various squats and flats nearby and hung out with various groovy people in those days....
It closed down a few years ago. I wld love to get photos and the name/address of the lovely Irish waitress and Italian boss....
I have tried the Archives at Westminster City Library but no luck.
I am doing a Ceramics degree as a v mature student and want to do an installation recreating a table at it, the light coming thru steamy bright plateglass windows, the smells, food, china,plastic menus, etc etc.
I have assembled a load of stuff (tables, chairs etc),but they are not perfect. I wonder if you have any ideas on where I cld borrow/hire perfect stuff in one fell swoop, for a few days in early Jan 07?
Most of all I want to get hold of a tape/CD of cafe background noises. Any ideas?
Many thanks, Emma


i haven't been back here in a while. the existence of this blog is as comforting as the food in it. you've inspired my breakfast for tomorrow.


All I love to spend my weekends in Restaurants.I have seen so many
so many restaurants but I never forget the restaurants in London.


Peter McGrath

That one does it for me: everything looks just perfect. Except the tea - needs a bit more mashing.

Geoff Barrell

I've just bought EBC&B after coming across it on a web search seeking solace after my favourite London eaterie, the Chelsea Kitchen on King's Road, literally did become a mobile phone shop. Russell's book has given me hope and I shall use it to locate cafes whenever I'm in London. Obviously I can help the cause by using these establishments as often as possible and will also try to spread the word to others.
I live in Oxford and can recommend Browns in the Covered Market and St Giles cafe in St Giles.

Beth Ward

I don't know your book so sorry but I found your page because I am at work starving and I wanted to look at a pic of some good lookin food. I typed a number of things into the search engin like "good food" and kept getting healthy nutritious food. It just didn't hit the spot so I tried putting in "greasy delicious food" and found you! The site is awesome. I never thought about eating the combination of foods I see in your pics. Egg bacon chips and beans! WOW what can I say to that? I would think you would need some toast to soak up all the drippings in the end, or do the chips do that? Any way it looks so good, it's almost as good as if I had some breakfast to eat and that makes my day! Thank you


well im lucky to have this as a little way from my house itz a lovly coast and more people should come and enjoy it!!

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