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James Lappin

Have you been to River Cafe opposite Putney Bridge station yet? I used to go there and eat egg, chips and beans before Fulham matches a decade ago. It gives me great pleasure to now watch my son eat the same egg chips and beans at the same tables with the same faded Juventus posters on the walls.
Cheap and nourishing


This looks like one of those "dives" that doesn't look like much but has the best food! I love places like this!

Tommy Gun

I've often been past this cafe and thought about wondering in...might just do that now!

Round the corner, though (well, on Holloway Road so quite a long corner) is a delightful establishment called Paradise Cafe, my regular at the moment. Fantastic breakfasts there it would be great to see a review on here..


These comments have been invaluable to me as is this whole site. I thank you for your comment.

Mo Abersheid

I LOVE Workers Cafe. Brings back some very fond memories. I used to live in Islington as a student in London in the early 90s and used to frequent this place. Excellent food indeed and affordable. Unfortunatel, we don't really have these great little 'divey' eateries here in LA. Makes me want to take a trip back to London just to have a good breakfast fry up!


Just tried it this Saturday. Bloody brilliance.

Thanks Russell.


Try the Wighman road Cafe! Hornsey N8 - walls covered in BW old movie star pictures - lovely breakfasts and fish and chips. Old style tables and display fridge - very friendly staff! wightman road -Hornsey N8


You ought to review this one -


This was a favourite hangout for the IT personnel at Ebookers when it was located in the City.

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