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gotta agree with you here: those chips look like the best you've featured in yonkers. Just look at those lovely brown edges. Just like the Kakanui Hills in Summer.


ooo those chips do indeed look superb. The crucnchy edges are what I imagine a dragons skin to feel like. In fact the chips seem to resemble a noble welsh dragon which has crashed into the a deep bean sea and while struggling to escape is raising one chip-like dragon claw into the air.


Those are delicious.


I've been following your blog for awhile now and salivating over all the pictures of your egg, chips and beans. Today's chips are the be all and end all of chips. I can see those crispy brown edges and am almost drooling here. You DO get around don't you! You can come to my place for some egg chips and beans if you want!

the chocolate lady

I am with you about the tea towels, but:

What is the Pontypool Front Row?


I am so starting a tea towel blog now



that looks ab fab


those chips!

tara bethune-leamen

ok i take my other "amazing" back. this is really amazing.

Ross Dow

I came across this web site whilst searching for all day breakfasts. I think that it is great to have cafe reviews but feel that the site could be adapted to be more user friendly (I'm an old, non digitised person, so may have missed something!). I believe that you should include a site search related to roadname (A1, A49 etc.) or counties/cities so that hungry travellers like me could easily plan visits when in the area. It takes far too long to scan your ever lengthening list.
My current quest is to find a breakfast establishment on the A49 somewhere between Warrington and Ludlow. Any ideas?

Alexandra Campbell

This looks just like the cafe they use in Little Britain series 2.
It's called The Rookery Cafe, in a town called Dump haha.
Good idea taking pics and noting details down of the cafes you've eaten in!x


Hi, did you know that Euston's Sandwich Bar has shut down? We were dissappointed.

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