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Looks as if Bacon is winning at the moment -- Yeaaah


I was beginning to think you'd run out of places to go - or worse, lost your appetite for an ebcb feast. Mind you, this post is not entirely convincing on that front, albeit that it does demonstrate an excellent use of tinterweb.


A great fry-up and Joe's ice-cream into the bargain! Neis iawn!


So Russell, it's now Sausage vs Bacon (American)? Where do your sympathies lie?


Well, you'll be (possibly?) pleased to know that American Bacon not only avenged your loss, but won the whole tournament...

The Internet has spoken (in a statistically insignificant way), and Bacon is the Ultimate Meat!


Bacon = Pig + Fire - Absolutely classic.

I've always felt that sausages are a leap of faith food, the less u think the more you enjoy.

Great Blog!


Funny! I think you should do an entire series and call it The Many Meats of Breakfast.

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