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Brilliant. Thank you for this.

nicole cruz

You are really taking every detail of the place huh..from the menu to the condiments and the paintings..This is what we call documentation! :) Nice move.


I absolutely love this site Russell.
I regularly come back to this site just to see all the lovely food and read your comments, which are pure entertainment in itself.
Thanks very much for having this site on the Net!.

Roger Irrelevant

This place serves up pure fryup nirvana. early-to-mid saturday morning mecca for Nottingham's raving community. Many is the massive night out this place has sorted me out proper afterwards...



I love this site! It helped inspire me to do my own blog... hungeroverthirst.blogspot.com! And the English breakfast is the best part of vacationing in the UK! I can't get enough!


lurvley looking bacon on that plate!


I think that you should have pictures of the owners on all your pictures though

that would make it feel more personal

oh & I think you could have a little picture of the UK & have a spot where it is

or if its in london

a map of london

then it would make it easier to see where it is, and maybe then people could go visit them more easily!

apart from that though

everything is spot on!

julian dobson

Excellent blog. Here's my recommendation for a visit - the Forge Dam Cafe in Sheffield (see http://livingwithrats.blogspot.com/2007/02/chips-with-everything.html ). Also strongly recommend the David Street Cafe in Leeds, though it's probably been gentrified by now.

Rob @ Cynic

You single-handidly made me want to go back 'home' ...

I have such amazing memories of the 'Teapot' ... infact some of the best of my youth. The overly warm room when outside was cold ... the clatter of cutlery that was louder than the speaking ... the aroma of fry-ups that was more potent than the cheap aftershave of the customers ...


You know what, I'm going to get off my arse and book a flight home and have a fry-up.


The English Breakfast looks great. Do you deliver? I have lived in holland for several years now, you just can't get a decent Cooked breakfast.

thanks for the images, my tastebuds will be watering for weeks ;-)


Bunters in Nottingham is even better....




tara bethune-leamen

they are talking to eachother for sure.


that used to be an old favourite of mine. i lived in notts for seven years and first sought it out when i heard it was voted cafe of the year on bbc r2. many a saturday morning fry-up enjoyed in there. run by proper old english mother types too :-) now i'm living in canada where the bacon leaves a lot to be desired, so all i'm left with is my memories for now.

long live dry-cure.

love the site.

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