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Can I just say, I love to visit your blog! I live in the American southwest, where we don't do the EBCB combination, but I love to look at your blog and dream, yanno?


Right, that's it. I've passed this place so many times and have wanted to stop in equally many times. Next time I'm going in. Thanks for reminding me.


i pass this whenever i'm in london bridge but i always thought it was a museum or something. will have to make a visit now :-)


looks very nice for a cafe. I like...


Looks like a nice place.


Wow, looks great! Been around there so many times and never noticed it even though I'm always on the lookout for a nice original caff...

Neil Boyle

great website, I've just been shown it by a friend. I'll definatly pop back for another look.

You have been to a couple of cafe's near to my work too, which is quite nice.

Can I suggest a visit to the Nile Street Cafe, Nile Street N1.

Just round the corner from the Sheperdess Cafe on City Road.


tara bethune-leamen

i think this is the quirkiest one so far.


Hey, Just wanted to say I really like your blog. What a fantastic way to use webspace. I really like the pictures, especially the condiments. Great writing style. I wish you many more happy breakfasts.




I just wanted to say I love this blog ! Thanks for sharing your pictures and experiences !

Cheers !!!


Love bacons, chips, and even beans...but I can't stand fried eggs!


Hi, have been in 'My Tea Shop' several times when I used to work in London Bridge. You refer to a cycling poster in the cafe and as I recall there are also a few other cycling photos on the wall. I might be wrong about this, but I'm sure the guy who runs the place, is featured in some of the cycling pictures/posters, albeit a more youthful, fitter version.


Les Gale

Just to say that this is the cafe at the top end of Tooley Street where dad used to take me during the school holidays, after we had loaded his lorry by 9am, before we set off on our deliveries around London or to Tilbury Docks etc.. I had crusty cheese rolls and a cheese cake - you know the cake with the coconut strips on top - and a cup of tea, everytime. We are talking 1953 - 1959. I was 6 - 12 years old during that period. He went into hospital in 1960 and that was the end of that era. The London Dungeon now stands in the very arches where his warehouse was [Rutzou was one name and Woodcocks was the other name he was contracted to - next door to each other.]
Thank you for the website and for bringing back many happy childhood memories.

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