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Fabulous - just the place after a bracing walk on the cliff. Makes me want to go to Anglesey. There's a castle there, too.


Charles Frith

The beans, especially, seem to have dropped from the ceiling onto the plate, but that adds to the appeal.

Lovely writing Russell.


My only experience of Anglesey was getting locked in the Sea Zoo after closing. We could have done with one of those breakfasts after that experience!


I like the idea of a lovely cafe on the edge of a cliff.


You should do a special caff with a view series. What could be better?


eating something like this I love to combine the different bits with every bite Heaven is made of this. Would prefer a big mug of dark Coffe to the tea though...

Tess Alps

Hi Russell,

Was just toying with the notion of buying your book from Amazon and clicked on your name. The book listed immediately below yours was 'The ABC of Heart Failure' which is surely whatever the opposite of serendipitous placement is called (sod's law?).


just found your site.

it's brilliant, it actually made me hungry as a i was eating my indian takeaway supper.

superb, more power to ya elbow


hooray for Wales and scenic saturated fats! your blog is a breath of fresh air, quite literally in this post.

i applaud you sir. may your belly swell to a healthy paunch filled with delicious fry ups the land over!


One for you to try if you ever get to North London...

Dr Hunger Cafe, on the cornder of East End Road and Ossulton Way.

Really close to the bottom of the M1 or near the North Circ if you're heading that way.

Great site

douglas mcleod

I know I am coming rather late to your blog and perhaps you have covered this topic already but I do wonder if you have considered the role of the sausage in these situations?
Has the Alan Partridge point about the sausage acting as a kind of barrier between the egg and the beans been taken on board?
Or perhaps you think there is no sausage role?


There *is* such a thing as a chip magnet. I am a chip magnet.


OK, this might be a dumb question, but what is the sauce I see on the chips sometimes?

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