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I think maybe the phrase you're looking for is "well-lit"?

I walk past Jack's every day on the way to work and have yet to visit it, but my friend says it's great for a hungover ebcb. I have always been a bit put off by the sign that says "Since 1902" whereas I know for a fact it opened about 6 months ago.

Rebecca Fischler

Hello Russell... I just wanted to mention that I rely on EBCB for a regular dose of normal civilization, stuck as I am in the middle of Wisconsin. Reading about a lovely fry-up is so comforting, like a cup of hot tea, a perfect antidote to the beer-and-bratwurst culture of the upper midwest. If you might manage to post a bit more often, that would be fantastic. But in any case, thanks for the blog and the reminder that there is life beyond the Great Frozen Cheeseland.


I know well-lit is more 'correct' but I think I was thinking of this:



I guess the other (original) Jack's may have been around since 1902 - or I rather like the notion of the idea of Jack's being around since then, instantiating itself in various neighbourhoods for decades at a time.

I love the aggressively friendly service here, and there's a top class range of breakfasts, starting from the linear structure of the Single, Double and Triple (I've never seen anyone attempt, let alone finish, the Triple). Lack of bubble and black pudding are the only downsides.

The only nearby competition I've found at Jack's standard is the Savoy Cafe on Wandsworth Road.

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