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Great, a welcome return for the ebcb, look forward to the next instalment!
Oh, and Happy New Year as well.


you didn't give minerals a mention on the order pad.

In the sixties one of the few places we ate out as a family was fish and chips at the seaside (Cleethorpes). As a kid I always asked for minerals and was usually served with orange pop, sometimes lemonade. Not that I was expecting anything else, but it has always puzzled me why it was on the menu as minerals and not just plain old pop.

I suppose that the restaurants were copying more upmarket establishments, but bottled water available back then? Surely not!


This is one of the more brilliant blogs I have seen in a while.

I had to give up some link love!

Antipholus Papps

I must confess that I am always a little disappointed when I get a contained egg that's been fried like that. I want my egg to roam over the plate, free range like.


I had a job interview in Bridge the Gap about eight years ago. Not to work in the cafe, but the company I was angling for were based over the road and obvious rabid aficionados of the place. Had a great big mug of tea and landed the job with ease, so the place obviously has good karma. Marvellous.

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