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as a geologist- I'm confused! :-D

John Wilson

I was browsing your excellent site this morning and I noticed that you have not yet commented on the Rheidol Rooms situated half way along my road (St Peter's Street, Islington, N1). Can I please recommend it to you. It is a place to rhapsodise quietly over and the place I go for guilty breakfasts when my wife is away.

Keep up the good work!

John Wilson


hi was shocked to see jones dairy at this site its my favourite cafe,ive worked just across the road for more than 6 years and they have always been very friendly warm people with quick and very nice food
totaly recomend to anyone that works in city.


I've just given you a big shout out in my latest blog post, yet you seem to have stopped writing! Get on it man! Cheers, Stonch


This is a thoroughly enjoyable read even though I haven't been in Britain in 20 years, and don't eat this for breakfast and especially not the beans. But I almost would, it's such a fun read. ;)


Tried out this cafe this morning. Pretty good quality and had a steady buzz the entire time I was there.


Have been walking by this place for ages and was always curious...it's a must-do now! Thanks for the tip.

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