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silverdale flowers

it looks like my kind of cafe!


Chandeliers too!


Try the "Giggling Sausage" in Great Suffolk Street SE1. You may be pleasantly suprised.One of the very few places where they do the fried eggs properly. I await your report with interest. There is also an interesting one called Terry's across the road.

Thom Wong

Some time ago I bought a can of beans with the intention of making my own EBCB as no where hereabouts serves anything remotely like it. Alas, still haven't done it, but this place makes me think I should.


Nice pictures! <img src="http://reviewsblog.pcriot.com/img/spacer.jpg">


Looks great. I think I walked past it recently but didn't go in because I'm put off by the restaurant word and the slightly chainy look from the outside.

But I can see I got it wrong. Next time I'm in London, see you there!

maybelles mom (feeding maybelle)

Years and years ago I worked in a laboratory in Hammersmith; and I remember it as a good place for a plate of chips and tea.

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