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Liquid condiments look like oil and vinegar.


Er, yes, you're right. Bit red-faced now.

Freuchie Rich

If anyone can help, I'm looking for a breakfast café around Waterloo SE1 that is open from 6 a.m. mid-week. We're cycling from London to Paris for the Poppy Appeal in September, travelling from Scotland the day before, staying near Waterloo Station and have to get to Greenwich to register for the ride at 7:00. Everywhere listing times on the web is only open from 7. Can anybody help please?


Great review!

I live on Puget Sound in WA, it isn't very Gatsby-like; I think you mean Long Island Sound in NY. That's okay, I prefer Puget Sound too. :)


"Puget Sound in The Great Gatsby"?

John Micek

"Puget Sound in the Great Gatsby?"
Bit of a geographical impossibility there, mate.
Puget Sound is in Washington State on the other side of the country. The events of the Great Gatsby take place in a fictionalized version of Great Neck, along Long Island Sound in New York.
Just wanted to point that out, and also mention that I'm a devoted reader. Absolutely love the site.


Clarification of the brief "Gatsby" comment above. Puget Sound is on the NW US coast, just south of Seattle & Vancouver. Much of the Gatsby action is on Long Island Sound, east of New York City.


Thanks for the corrections everyone. If they were my words I'd change them, but they're not so that doesn't seem fair. Suffice to say, I think we get it now.


hi russell,i really enjoyed your egg bacon chips and beans book,great read and great cafes too,i hope to visit some.will there be another book?excellent website too,ive only just got into the computer age!!keep up the good work in finding such gems.best wishes john


Er, I think a previous comment of mine ended in a spam queue.

I'll be visiting Bristol soon (mid-Sept.), from Cape Town, and was wondering whether any readers could help me with finding a good, affordable fry-up in Bristol.

Thom Wong

Our own humble attempt at the greatness that is EBCB.



I have enjoyed reading your blog entries you have a very readable writing style. It has convinced me to try eggs bacon chips beans sometime. I might have to look into the egg book as well. Being in the US of an A (as borat once said) I might recieve some strange looks ordering that from a cafe here in the states.

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