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how did i ever miss this post and link ! (probably was on hols at the time). i'd love to be interviewed about bollards.

there's nothing and everything to say on the subject.

not least the naming issue (bollard vs cone)


"Stormy days at sea are followed/
By the smoking of a Bollard/
Once that lovely smoke is swallowed/
So much satisfaction!"
Punchline delivered in basso profundo: "Smoke Bollard, the man's cigarette!"

Surely a reference to Anchor, one of the cheapest full-strength cigarettes of the era before health warnings, whose TV jingle went to the tune of the Drunken Sailor:
"A man at sea will often hanker,/
For the flavour of an Anchor,/
So much satisfaction!"

http://findarticles.com/p/articles/ mi_qa3724/is_200203/ai_n9068114/


...contd... This probably wasn't the kind of bollard you were referring to, but that's web 2.0 stream of consciousness for you.

I was so captivated by your item on the best pencil ever, to the extent that I've just been onto eBay to bid for *one*, sad or what? And then saw...

"Bollards" which were of course made hilarious in 1960 by Beyond the Fringe, the seminal satirical revue from Cook, Bennett, Miller and Moore. The original script contained a sketch for “Bollard, the man’s cigarette” and the stage direction “Enter two dreadful queens.” Their risqué line “Hello darlings!” provoked an objection from the Lord Chamberlain’s office. The producers kept the scenario the same but simply changed the line to “Hello men!”
http://encyclopedia.jrank.org/articles/ pages/737/Lord-Chamberlain.html


... contd 3... In the sketch, a bunch of actors assemble in a studio to make a commercial. They banter on camp voices before recording the jingle, whereupon they switch to deep, masculine tones in sea-shanty mode [see first comment].

Er, thassit. Ended up having to slice this yarn into three as your site wouldn't accept the data in long form.

Longtime fan of the eggnchips guide too. And the cup of tea.

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