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This reminded me of a woman shouting over her shoulder as she ran through the barrier at Leicester Square tube station 'Send my love to everyone'. Which I instantly wanted to write a song about but never got around to. Michael Jackson aside who does have the capacity to beam love indiscriminately in all directions? Maybe she wrote the note.

I've just noticed how the 'you' is underlined. Which somehow makes it more poignant. Like it's a reply.


I walk past the place I saw this everyday and I'm always wondering about the people I pass. Maybe they left it.

I think this picture is beautiful, so mysterious..
but sad at the same time. Like the love has been lost.

The very last time I ever saw my ex boyfriend
I wrote on a note that said "I Love You"
and left it in his car. Maybe that's why I
find it sad...

I just wanted to say thanks for putting that picture up. I've been having a really rough day and seeing that someone could care about a note like that and where it ended up is beyond beautiful. Just looking at the picture reminds of messin around in first year photography in high school with the black 'n whites on the 35 mm's. So yeah...just thank you...it means a lot..

wow. what a nice message. thanks.

it's weird, I think this is the most visited post on my blog. Lots of people coming via google.

this pictures great, i cant say it cheered me up, but it has made me feel so much better,,,

i think this picture is beautiful, i love that kind of photography. i think it symbolizes a secret love.

Thanks for this photograph. It is beautiful, natural and meaningful.

It's like a lost love. Wanting to love a person, but unable to.

This really stuck out with me.
It's beutiful in its simplicity, yet also sad.
It gave me a feeling of someone loveing someone.
But the reciever didnt care so they tossed it with no regard.

i love it
today i thaught i would find pictures of lonelyness, honesty, love, sadness, silence and peace. and i found this


I really like this picture...The "you" being underlined tells me that the note was left by someone who is truly, deeply in love with someone else and wants them to know. It kind of tells me that they want to convince the person that they are the only one for them. Kind of like "I love you and only you" Maybe a good-bye note, with finality. It's beautiful, yet so sad. The note was left behind for the loved one never to find...

I found this picture when I was searching at google!It's a very good picture!It says a lot,without saying anything!
Well..I must go no!!
Hugs from Norway

i jsut joined the list of people who found this off of Google

its simplicity makes it as beautiful as anything ive seen, and after just arguing with my 'love', this brightens my day

thank you

nice picture, makes me smile,...

really touching and i like that picture a lot!!

Hey found this picture on google made me feel sad and had new thoughts and it makes me want to work do things and not sit around Ryan. age 14

Pouring your heart; but without him/her knowing.

I;ve looked for a lonesome picture to show off my ex and i found this, it's descibe the power of love and the power of disappointment

Well, another person who found this off Google. I can't even put my finger on why this picture is so touching... it just is. I mean, it probably has to do with the reasons mentioned above. But wow, this picture.

i think that someone was to scared to tell them that they loved him or her. makes me cry

This is my favourite type of photo, beautiful in its simplicity. I do not know the circumstances in which left this heart felt gesture where it lies, but the note makes me think of my love and the notes we used to leave for each other. It is sad that such deep felt words have been left where they are, but at least it is beauty for us to look upon.

I found this on google too - was doing a search on beautiful to find a picture to describe one of my friends. Thank you for posting this - it's a really beautiful and meaningful picture.

I love this. I love this, underlined.

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