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This is sad, i found it on google.
people are saying it makes them think of a secret love... but why would you leave love lying on a dirty road?
To me, it makes me think of rejection, heartbreak... love lost.
But maybe that's just my black heart talking. Very moving in a simple way.

I also found this on google. hah, Its not exactly what the happy-beautiful to cheer me up that i was looking for, but i like it anyway. It reminds me of soemthing i saw last summer while i was in Paris. I was running through the metro hoping to catch the next train in order to be on time for my flight home and taped to the wall of the tunnel wa sthis sheet of paper that had "sorry about last night" written on it and some kind of number that I assume was a phone number. My imagination went crazy trying to who they were and what happened the night before and why they would leave a note on the wall of a train station, of all places. BUT, ill never know for sure.

-seigh-.. as one who is in love.. it touches me so deeply to find pictures that this one. Knowing.. and seeing the true beauty in this world, just makes me feel warm. This picture is very well taken.. and i could say that if i had taken it.. or if i ever see a note like that lying on the ground.. i wouldnt touch it. ide leave it there.. and remember it always,.. knowing someone else saw it too.

This picture shows you that art can be found anywhere. The picture just makes you think about life and love..sometimes the world is leaning on your shoulders.

This picture shows you that art can be found anywhere. The picture just makes you think about life and love..sometimes the world is leaning on your shoulders. I found it on google also.

I left a note like this once. It never got where it needed to go. The important ones never do. You could write letters like these a mile high or shout it at the top of your lungs and just at that moment some gust of wind will come and shake everything out of its place.

this really caught my attention, i cant even remember what my google search was, but this came up.. it makes me sad as if someone threw it out their car window when they found it .. and it lies simply beneath passing cars.. inspiring to write about

jus stumbled accross this picture while surfin the net n i was like awwrh. altho, it made me think of sum1 who cheated on his/her long term partner and was bangin on the door but he/she wouldnt let them in so they wrote a note and held it up when he/she came to the window which said love YOU (as opposed to the person theyd cheated on). but then again I am only 17, what do i know... xxx

Just to ehco what everyone else has said, it is truely beautiful. I love that you have gone out and taken a picture of this, it reminds me of the guy in Amelie looking for the passport pictures. Bring on the beautiful, we need more of it in the world.

i wanted to find the meaning of beautiful, and funnily enough the first picture was a group of 'beautiful' women.
But then i came across this picture, really makes you think...

I searched for an image to use as my msn icon... came upon this website.

i really like the picture. eerie. the underline adds interest. i love it.

There's something so nonchalant about the writer's love. as though he wrote and discarded the note knowing that his lover would come accross it by fate, and that she would know who wrote it. It seems like a testament to a love that cuts through, manipulates, even asserts sovereignty over chaos. wow. It's almost as beautiful as Andrea...well, no. But it is beautiful.

That's exactly what I'm feeling about you...
Thinking of you is nice and painfull, just impossible...
Even if you never found this page, I'm like this declaration, waiting a chance to be seen by you...

Wouhaaa, too strong for my little broken heart, crying like a baby in front of my stupid screen...arf,
that's art...

Sometimes love is lost much like this note. There are secret crushes that never get revealed. The untold potential of that love is not known. Some people go unnoticed while others are swallowed up by their ego. The person who wrote this note might have had the courage to reveal their secret crush but their efforts were not received. Love hurts.


its just like when i try so hard to REACH OUT to someone that i love.. and never succeed.. feeling so much love and compassion for one, but all that becomes of it is misfortune.. and a broken heart with no one to mend it..
the note on the side of the road to me simbolizes how this persons love seems to be unknown.. tossed to the side.. rejected.. and neglected..

this is like a painting that can mean anything you want it to..

age 15. also saw it on google..


I've been going through a rough patch with the person I love lately, and that picture... its so beautiful. It brought me to tears, its so simple and loving.

I too, found this via google. I searched under "beautiful". Past the pictures of flowers, the ocean, and naked women, I found this. My grandmother died this morning and my love life is dwindling to nearly nothing. As I sobbed on the phone to my boyfriend, he quickly told me "I have no time for you." And hung up.
Seeing that picture, like so many others fills me with great emotion. However, I see it quite differently.
A simple love note, written quickly, yet thoughtfully on a white note card, left alone, laying in the street to be stepped on, kicked to the curb. Perhaps it was left behind on accident. And yet...maybe not.
With love comes a rollercoster. Up and down. Tearing a delighting our hearts, and every sensation throughout our bodies and very souls. There are so many kinds of love, people say. However, I see that there is LOVE. One Love. It's a great caring for another. When you love someone, or something, you never want to see somthing bad happen to it.
This world that we live in is a cold, hard place at times, for this reason we search, sometimes endlessly for a longlasting love. Someone to care for, and someone who will care for us just the same. This note to me, represents a different emotion than others have felt. Most have gotten such joy brought to them in a time when it was greatly needed. I however, who need this joy, see something else. I see, yes, love may kick you to the curb and step all over you, it may rain down upon you, and you feel like nothing one day, when just moments before you felt like everything was at your fingertips. Yet, written so clearly, on a bright white note card, there it is. Simple, Clear, and to the point. I belive it's less personal, there is no I. Therefore, it is just simply a fact. "Love You."

Please excuse the ramblings. I just needed somewhere to vent...and...went with it. So, thank you for sharing the picture. I hope many others see it.

Tiffany sorry for your loss.... I too have come from google and was searching for a beautiful picture to place on my desktop... this picture caught my eye as i found it unsual in a good way and also sad.... it reminds me of lost love, those words that should have been said to that special someone and never actually made it to there ears or in this case to there eyes for them to see.... truely sad and beautiful at the same time and it put a smile on my face to and made my day. :)

I saw this in google image search tonight while I was lonely because my loved one is on the road for business. It stopped me dead, Almost like it was a message from him letting me know how he feels...

thanks for posting it.

do i join the various other ppl who found this off of google?

this picture is simplicity at its best. tragic but sweet. thank you. i typed in sad and this is what i got. but this picture describes everything about how im feeling to a T. beautiful. take care.

I think it's beautiful. It makes me wonder if someone put it there on purpose. Just to spread the love. Maybe it is, if i were to believe in it, destiny for some sad depressed person to find it. Maybe it's someone's attempt to put a little positive karma into the world. Maybe someone just wanted to create a smile on someone else's face.

Found this on Google as well... I'm feeling sad right now so I typed in "Sad" and found this picture. It brought me to tears immediately. However I don't know why. I lost my boyfriend(now ex) a few weeks ago and he broke up with me because he thought he can never be here for me anymore and will not be able to take care of me as he promised. He told me he knew he made a lot of promises but he could not keep them, and that's why he had to let me go...

I find this picture sad. I am still crying right now as I typed. I agree with how some of the people described this picture like Tifanny and the others. This picture just brings me to tears so much...

nice picture, i was looking for inspiration for a slide show that i'm currently making and when i searched this up via google it gave me all the inspiration i ever needed.
- thanks

a simple but very powerful picture,it could mean a million things to a million people. I look at it today and it's so sad, but yesterday it was a happy picture...

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