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Hmm, is that 'they're' IRONIC? :)

The one in the penultimate line, I meant. ;)

i find that music shop the strangest on in london. it seems so temporary and lacks the usual coolness of your standard grimey record shop. it also lacks a clear demarcation point and it's difficult at the edges to tell if you are in the shop or the foyer at the edges.

perhaps the "quote" marks were an attempt to bring some anarchy to the otherwise sterile environment ?

damn. I knew writing about pedantry was a hostage to fortune. Especially when you're as careless as I am.

it's a clever store though. because you go to the south bank thinking it'll be a nice morning out. and then you get there and remember there's nothing to do (once you've had your fill of bad jazz and second hand books) so you end up shopping for CDs.

Is it well-spelled or well-spelt? Us pedants want to know!

oh god. i knew this was a can of words I shouldn't have opened.

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