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you can't beat a kid in a blazer.

I'm so thankful you mentioned this ad. Its been inducing nausea everytime I open a magazine and see it. The Brooks Bros. line of clothes are always boring and predicatble, but this ad seems to be targeting yuppies, which as a brand demographic I thought no longer existed.

Actually you can beat a kid in a blazer as I am sure his father probably does for not coming top of the class and not being picked for captain of the team. Personally I find their clothes rather fetching... I find myself coveting the fabulously entitled 'Luxury Pinpoint Fashion Stripe Pajama' as exquisitely portrayed on their hilarious website. Is the character 'Doug Neidermeyer' from National Lampoons Animal House the target audience I ask myself...

I think this family came to my door once.

Isn't Brooks Brothers owned by Marks & Spencer? Their advertising is no less vapid.

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