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This is an interesting sight for me.
I have lived in the US for 9 years now and the more i see pictures of the police/emergency services in the UK compared to here the more striking the difference is. Here the officers dress in black ( even in Los Angeles) , drive black cars and try to intimidate. When i see pictures from the UK ( Ie My home town Glasgow last week after the building collapse ) i am always surprised by the bright yellow noticeable uniforms. They are basically saying we are here to help you and be seen , not sneak up on you and catch you out. ie Look for photos of motorbike cops in the UK and in the US. One set is very noticeable the other is designed to be hidden.
Very strange.

I'm glad you noticed our shiny new ambulances, incidently even though they are big, yellow, shiny and make lots of noise people still manage to not see us until we are So Very Close behind them.

of well.

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