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i occasionally see them on the way to work. the noise they make as they clip clop along is fantastic !

It'd be interesting to live on their route. You'd be awoken in Central London by the clipclop of horses hooves. (Hoofs. Whatever.) And you might be a bit of a git and try and complain about the noise. And you'd have to phone the West End police station and complain about a large herd of horses. Which would be funny. And then you'd probably discover that they were covered by the Official Secrets Act or something and they'd be completely within their rights to shoot you.

They don't clean up after themselves, horses.

they vary their route i think as i've seen them twice in 3 years and walk the same route at the same time pretty much everyday.

but this last commment has got me thinking.

fertiliser is bad because everyone knows terrorists use it to blow things up.

and what comes out the back of these horses ? stuff we put on our roses aka fertiliser.

so we have horses dropping explosive materials all over the streets of london.

that can't be a good thing can it ?

I have a vague recollection of a conversation in a cab about the business case for giving solders big horses and shiny uniforms and making people feel that London aka England is eccentric, trad and rather nice to live in instead of buying them armoured cars to go abroad in and shoot at people to maintain law and order. I don't think we ever managed to business case it but at the time I was in favour of horses over armoured cars. I still am.

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