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Answer me this. Is Staples Corner called Staples Corner because one of those retail sheds is a huge branch of Staples http://www.staples.co.uk/ ? Could that possibly be true?

Blimey. That can't be true can it? I'm going to do some research and get back to you.

well according to Brent council's own site this is why it's called Staples corner :

"After the war industry continued moving into areas opened up by munitions factories. This was encouraged by the construction of the North Circular Road in the 1920s. In 1925 mattress makers Staples & Co. established themselves at the junction of the North
Circular and Edgware roads. By 1929 57 factories were situated at what became known as Staples Corner"

www.brent.gov.uk/.../24878f4b00d4f0f68025663c006c7944/ 9008cdfda338d61880256b21003499b4/$FILE/Cricklewood.PDF

It's not the other Staples - they stared in Boston MA in 1986.

I'm pleased to note that this entry is result no. 1 if you type "why is Staples Corner called Staples Corner?" into Google. Not only that but I now know why it's called Staples Corner!

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