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Oooh, brilliant. Lucky you. If you make it to Scotland the Largs/Troon/Saltcoats bit of coast is cafe rich. Nardini's in Largs shouldn't be missed and if you've got time to get the ferry to Millport there's an amazing cafe that I can't remember the name of. The Delicate Essence and the Ramblers Rest in Burntisland (Fife) has the best name. There's also a great place along from John O'Groats that serves ice cream shaped like a Viking longboat. I've never managed to get photos of these places as the weather is usually abysmal - Bring your woolies.

If you're coming to Glasgow (obviously not coastal) let me know if you need a tour guide. Happy travels!

lovely. thanks for the tips. I'm going to try blogging with my phone as I go so you might see how I'm doing. If I'm making good time a detour to Glasgow would be splendid.

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