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i went for an Oxford Street morning walk detour last week and saw these and was equally dissapointed.

in the past it's lead to greater things constructed behind them. let's hope that's the case again this time.

perhaps it's the christmas window dressing being prepared (following harrods Xmas opening today)

we should keep an eye on them. see if they do anything interesting.

Sadly, I don't think we should expect too much. This is from this week's FT Creative Business:

Meanwhile, Vauxhall sister brand Saab has this month taken up residence in Selfridges. The advertiser has taken over all window displays and set up its first high street dealership as part of an Iconic Scandinavia event devised by the car manufacturer to highlight its design credentials and associate itself with the Selfridges brand.

Says Ewart: “The idea was to start surprising people about Saab by showing it in environments in which it’s not previously been seen.”

Gareth! hello, nice to hear from you

Having visited so many times, it was time to speak...
btw the planning t shirts are highly effective in small to mid size US agencies...

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