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Oooo, nice effect but very headache-inducing! I'll stick with my flower wallpaper. Nice blog. Planethalder.

BTW, I see you have an iPod. I'm thinking of buying an MP3 player and can't decide between an iAudio, an new Creative Touch, or one of the new, 4th-gen iPods. What is the sound quality of the iPod like? Planethalder.

Glad you like the blog. I know what you mean about headache inducement. I might have to switch back to the splendid funky pancake washing machine.

I'm not sure I'm really qualified to talk about sound quality, I have rubbish ears and can never tell the difference in the way things sound. I like ipods for their tactility but find the interface really rubbish.

Why is the world so crazy over I-Pods? Try this for size:
Iriver 40GB MP3 Player with FM Tuner IHP-140
Damned sight cheaper, you can record and it can be upgraded after you've bought it, plus you can record as well. Oh, it's got a decent remote too. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a white case nor white earphones so its doomed. :-(

still a corkin' sight all the same ;-)

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