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I have no idea whether it's already being done, but count me in.

Great idea. Count me in as well. They are a part of our collective heritage. By the way, did your agency do the new Honda Hate something/Change Something? Its brilliant.

Excellent. Glad you're up for the cafe thing. I met with Adrian Maddox of Classic Cafes today. What an interesting bloke. Looks like he might be up for it too (if he can stomach my global capitalist pedigree). All that's required now is working out what 'it' is.

Glad you liked the Honda ad.

It has that hard to put a finger on 'feel good' factor. Well done. Plus TOP CG effects, though a disclaimer that no bunnies were hurt, used, abused, etc.... would have helped.

pps. The Honda voiceover guy has the coolest accent.

ppps. Ian Browan at the Brixton Academy was fantastic.

Good night.

Hm, the buzz over in Sweden is that old cakes-and-cookies cafés, frequented by grannies rather than their grandchildren. And when the papers write about the new retro-trend, they all refer to a similar thing happening in Britain. Bake-off, takeaway Starbuck clones being abandoned in favour of old cafés.

You should be on to a trend here, then. Are you?

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