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wow. i grew up in the midlands and remember being taken to see the matlock bath illuminations one year as a teeny weeny kid. i'd totally forgotten about that. i wonder what other remembories i've got hidden away.


Amazing. I've just bookmarked your blog, really nice

I stumbled across your blog a while back while on google image search and within minutes I bookmarked it.
You have some really interesting/amazing stuff.

Keep it up.

thanks for the kind comments everyone. And Dave - perhaps we should try and build our own illuminated boats and float them on the Serpentine.

good plan !

we could combine it with the annual puddle boar race: http://www.funkypancake.com/blog/archives/002167.html

i'll give you a shout when we do the next one and we could have an inter-office tournament on tottenham court road !

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