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Great presentation and it DOES makes sense even if u weren't there. Just one question the bullet/tennis ball metaphor isn't clear.
Bullet pierces through and breaks. Has a very small surface of entrance and a large one of exit.
tennis ball gets rebounded away, aka refused.
Is it like something like that??

thank you russell


Glad it makes some sense. The bullet/tennis ball thing's not quite right though. Sometime in the next week or so I'll try and write a longer piece explaining what I mean exactly.

great stuff.

it's excellent to see things from a completely different view.

Marketing is worlds apart from Telecommunications Regulation so it's refreshing to see a different way to think.

transferrable thinking. that's what i'll do.

(my website has a password for some reson it is "doshinic")

Anyway if this gets to 1 of my dads old mates can you e-mail me or something at doshinic@aol.com or im me at Doshinic2@hotmail.com if you have msn I would just like to get to no you im 15 now and and have heard all about the old daryl and the chaporines

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