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When I joined the ad biz ten years ago, I thought it was the only place in the corporate world where I could survive. I thought it was a creative circus. Now, I know what a joke that notion was.

You are correct. The ad biz is big biz and its inhabitants are largely automatons concerned with keeping their bloated salaries intact at all costs. Taking a creative risk has no place in this type of staid environment.

Which is not to say there is no hope. There is hope. It exists on the fringe, as always. Blogs, for instance, provide some hope for what ails us. Of course, most agencies and marketers are ignoring blogs (and bloggers) completely at this point, but that will change.

Speaking of which here's something from Fortune magazine about the value of a Fine Arts degree versus an MBA.


Hi Russell! I love your site. Intriguing. Interesting. Entertaining.

How are you and the family, anyhow??

Take care.

hello Denise!

it's been a long time. Glad you like the site. We're good. How are you? I'll send you an email.

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