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I bet their 'fringe benefits' package is a corker too!

There was a photo essay back in March in the Guardian doing exactly this.
I can't find it now, only this reference:


(these from the East London phone directory): A Cut Above, Clip Joint, Beaux Belles, Curl Up & Dye, Hair We Go, Lunatic Fringe, Nutters.
(these from around the world): Shear Perfection, Beyond the Fringe, T�te Moderne, Hair Port, Crops and Bobbers, Hair Razors.
(these from Saturday's Guardian): Barber Blacksheep, Bright'n'Bleach, Blonde Dye Bleach, Hairs & Graces, Hairlucinations, Curling You Softley.

Checking just under "Hair" in the Toronto phone book: Hair by Design, Hair Canada Salon and Hair Canada Stylist, Hair Flow, Hair Hair, several Hair and Nows, Hairafter Hairstyling Ltd., Haircraft Ltd., Hair's De Groove, Hair's to You, Hairsay.

There's also a Sweeny Todd Hair Design, but I think that comes under the separate cetegory of Ominous Business Names (along with the Triffids florist and the Lovecraft sex toy shop.)

I like Hairsay a lot. Though my favourite has always been Hair Today.

Apologies to just wander into your blog and comment, but: I've always liked "The Fringe of Hoxton".

The clothing alterations place with "We will dye for you" in the window is great too.

I saw one called 'Here hair here' in New Zealand. One for the Withnail fans.

My personal fave is in New Malden and called 'Curl Up and Dye'

You wrote: "If I was going to embark on another long and pointless project then this would be it "

I did embark on a long and pointless project: Here it is:

Enjoy this pointless yet amusing window shopping trip through the high streets of bad pun Britain.


Lol, I know the guy who own British Hairways, it's on abbeydale rd, Millhouses, Sheffield. It had a bomb dropped on it in WW2.

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