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please, do elaborate more. Why do you think this?

Personally, I tend to see it as a static, obligatory one...which doesn't seem to be that good..I think...

Well, they're all smiling. Which is good.

The chart is simple and clear. A good size. No words. It's clearly a language they understand and it's something that matters to them (hopping). Things are higher on the right than they are on the left - which is always a good sign. And the final hop is only half complete which suggests that whatever they're talking about isn't yet over. There's a future.

Good description. If you put it that way I couldn't agree more.

But, how about the days where you think it ''is the worst presentation ever''?

Well...they're all smiling. But the smiles don't quite reach the eyes, which suggests they're sucking up.

The presenting guy is using a pointing stick which suggests he's not the most dynamic presenter, and he's lookng at the charts, not the audience, which would confirm he's being a bit boring. There's not much diversity in the meeting, and no biscuits. Which suggests it's going to be a bit flat.

And what seems worst is they're watching a presentation about something they should all understand intuitively. It seems like they're having the obvious pointed out to them.

Hmmm..i think i get it but if you kind of look at the chart for a while and compare it to their faces sometimes it seems as if they're smug and their thinking about how brilliant it is that they're population has grown (refer to chart) over the years and how it seems to be escallating at that point in time and that kinda reminds me of the wild rabbit epidemic Australia faces ever since the english brang them to Aust. as hunting game, even though various diseases have killed some of them off and slowed down their population expanision rate they've always managed to bounce back. But don't get me wrong i love bunnies they're adorable.:)

it seems that whatever's in the chart is going to go down very soon and very quickly, if it follows the trend exhibited in the first few hops

although looking at the chart, the 'low points' are getting higher and higher, which brings some optimism into play. Either they are on a hill or.... FLOATY BUNNIES! ARGH

It's been a while since I've seen a cartoon so deeply dissected. Nice.

the sad thing is it's a chart (ppt i guess), the good thing is the hopping.
this said i'd better be hopping charts than charting hopps

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