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Cheers. Both Wordcount and Oralfix are amongst the best sites I have seen in ages. Yes, you're right OF is gorgeous.

Thanks for sharing this.


just got my oralfix mints and everyone at the office are asking me : what are these, they look cool ..they look like e...it smells cinnamon...it's all in the packaging...blah blah.
I was actually thinking about giving them as business cards (hence the packaging), but then i thought it could be badly misinterpreted, so i kept them for myself and my foul mouth.

Looks good, invisible to search engines and totally useless to the user who wants to link to specific elements of the site. Shoulda been a blog.

I take your point, but maybe he didn't want to do those things, he doesn't have to, there's no law. Not everything has to be a blog.

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