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You could always create a 'fictional' client that you had meetings with everyday and who demanded a parking space.

That way you would not only get to park in the same space everyday, but you could also use the aforementioned client as a cover story for long lunches, afternoon movies, mid-morning coffee breaks, long internet surf sessions - the list is endless ;-)

Thanks for coming to talk to us on friday. Pretty much everyone on our course now wants to be a planner.

I'm just sorry that our staff weren't able to spell your name right... at least you got a space though! Others have been far less fortunate. One was given a parking space on the wrong campus... in St Albans!

If you ever need any recommendations about greasy spoons in Watford just let us know.

Thanks again for giving us so much of your time and expertise.


it would be even cooler to have a reserved seat on the tube in the morning.

but i think the only way to guarantee your seat is to be the driver.

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