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Hmmm. The audioblog player bar doesn't seem to be working properly now (PC and IE at work). It looked OK yesterday (Mac and IE at home). Wonder what's up. You can still download the MP3 by clicking on the MP3 link if you like.

I think maybe I've worked it out. I think it's a security restriction against 'streaming media' at work. Can anyone else see this thing and get it to work?

Works fine for me, using Mozilla Firefox 1.0, no high security settings.

And it makes a great accompaniment to looking at the spanish tv channel pix.

cool. thanks. I think it's a work thing.

love the rocking chair effect at the end - great little sound blip!

oh yeah, works fine through our corporate firewall. Mac + Camino

I like this. Are you going to do more? And do you mind if I stick in my next podcast?

Glad you like it. Feel free to podcast with it. It's very old so I'm not quite sure where Joe is these days, but I don't suppose he'll mind. I'll rake over the hard drive and try and find some more.

Is there a meeting this month?

ripping this to slot into a downtempo set.


can i?

Of course. Glad you like it. Rip away.

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