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Toothpaste tubes
Book jacket design
Clothes detergent in little gel pouches
People's home answerphone messages
The disappearance of the fax machine
The fact that cars no longer all look the same
The quality of the coffee in art galleries and museums
Sunday pub opening hours

Good man Richard,

You're clearly a more positive and optimistic person than I. Well done for noticing all that.

I'd add:
- shampoo samples in hotels
- the sound of the snare drum in pop records (less reverb and effects)
- the availability of Heinz products here in Italy (ketchup and beans over all )
- immigration (yes: more kebab, more cheap phone centers, more ethnic tchotchkes)

two things though got worst:
- leg room on planes
- the return of '80s haircuts

thankyou Luca, good thoughts - but watch the negativity - we're just having positive thoughts on this thread. And, anyway, I don't think the return of 80s haircuts is all bad.

I'm saddened I can only think of two - buses
and vegetarian food.

The fact that shops are open at 7pm on a Bank Holiday Monday so that I can buy stuff for Arthur's packed lunch the next day. (I appreciate that this is a bit of a metropolitan "things are getting better" but I can only speak as I find.)
And, following on, Tesco Metro, etc.

I agree with the aloe on tissue being kinder to the nose. But aloe on toilet paper is totally wrong - you are supposed to remove, not add stuff to your arse.

Driving through Milan I spotted a chinese restaurant called "Sabor Latino" (latin flavor). Isn't this a sign that the times are changing? I mean it was pretty hard to tell a chinese restaurant from the other with their difficult mandarin names. No more hesitations! Let's have chinese food at the "Mamma Mia" or "Sabor Latino" or "Chez Maxim".
PS. Sorry for the silliness... it's friday morning...

The internet - come on, how on earth did we live without it? (Yes, there are a bunch of negatives that have developed because of it, but this is 'positive hour')

The greater availability of healthy food.

Digital cameras - never look to butt ugly in a photo again.

DVD - greater access to learn what went on in the creative mind.

Showers - always hot, always available.

Cheaper flights for people to experience more cultures.

No more white dog poo on the streets.

Hey, this is liberating ... I've not been this positive since I was 10!

(this is just italian but...)
no more smoking in bars, clubs and restaurants.

I'm not a health taleban but hey, isn't life much better ever since you can have a beer and not come home smelling like a pack of marlboro?

The days of dashing to the bank on a Friday to get cash for the weekend are over.

Southwark Council pick up all our paper, glass, plastic and tin every week. That's pretty cool.

Car radio controls
Specifically those ones where you can turn the volume up on the steering wheel.

The way we buy music
You can now buy a few songs or the whole album sat in the garden, like I just did (which is what reminded me of this post).

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