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i left home at 5.45am this morning have have just got back from work at 10.00pm. i switched my newreaders on and what did i find - more work !

thanks russell. i'll have to think of a way of repaying you ...

and a way of providing a photo angle on my answers.


sorry. that sounded a bit rude didn't it.

what i meant to say was 'thanks for giving the me the opportunity to reveal my love of krautrock'

and now that sounds a bit sarcastic too doesn't it ?

but it's not meant to be

by the way, have you read this: http://shirky.com/writings/ontology_overrated.html

apologies if you've already to linked to such a thing. i hadn't come across it before and thought it was jolly good.

Sorry Dave. Only play if you want to. No hurry.

i want to - a new day a new attitude !

my blog is all pre-loaded up for the next week though so i might not do anything until next week.

which gives me time to go off any buy some cool music so i look really good ...

FANTASTIC!!! Finally somebody in advertising able to admit he loves Genesis!!! My colleagues always look at me like I'm some kind of freak when I put on Watcher Of The Sky or Firth Of Fifth...Great Russell, thank you. I kinda feel rehabilitated now... :-)

I recently realised I don't need an ipod. I just need my old walkman and a C90 tape with Supper's Ready on one side and Trouble Funk Live on the other. Despite having 10,000 songs at my disposal, that's all I seem to listen to.

Who knows, maybe soon it'll become acceptable to admit you like Brand X.

Yeah exactly. First of all I couldn't even fill up the mini ipod. Second thing is I always end up listening to to same things as well.

QUESTION: when will it become acceptable admitting you still like Script For A Jester's Tear or Fugazi by Marillion?

The baton is fun and has now been passed on even further. ;)

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