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I totally agree with the the comment on P. Feldwick's chapter on brand communications. Unluckily views like his and from other authors (i.e. Prof. Ehrenberg) haven't got much echo amongst American academics and practitiones.

I came across excerpts of Paul Feldwick works through a very enlighting article in the Singapore Nanyan Business review b David Haigh CEO BFP.
I am glad to note that his articles are indepth and very informative and sublect of dicourse.I now have to sample the Brand Communication book before I place my view.
Simiyu-Kenya-East Africa

Feldwick rocks. He was always the seriously smart guy in town who really cared about this stuff. He actually saw it as a profession. I just met a guy with a Masters Degree in Planning. Holy shit! He was born when I was at BBDO. I guess things have evolved since Feldwick professionalized this thing called planning.

This blog post is the top Google result for 'Paul Feldwick.' Importance and widespread neglect at the same time?

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