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every so often i tend to clean my bloglines feeds (130 is too many to keep up with). what's the deletion criteria? the ones i don't read get the axe. i could leave them but the clutter is sometimes too much to deal with. russell, i doubt this traitor deleted you for any other reason other than he/she has too many feeds and just didn't read your posts enough.


But according to bloglines Steve has just 47 subscribers - so you should be getting more traffic than him. Getting hard data is, well, hard in the blog world.
Still with just 16 subs I get a 6% increase in audience the next time someone signs up at Big Picture.


I just tried to subscribe to Big Picture via Bloglines. Couldn't do it. It says there's no RSS feed. Am I doing something wrong?

thankyou ritter (is that rude to just call you that?) I know that's probably true. But it's still a little galling - ideally I'd like it to be going up, not down.

Still, personally, I'm staggered that i've even got to 57. Or, rather, 56.

I suggest you use www.statcounter.com too. Typepad is just too basic.

thanks Piers, good shout, something else to play with.

i've had to cut down on what i show on the old stat counter as it was getting full of referrer spam which is a shame.

stats for last month are here: http://www.funkypancake.com/cgi-bin/awstats.pl?month=05&year=2005

the search engine lookups are the funniest/disturbingest thing.

i hadn't realised Bloglines tells you how many subscribers a site has. have you seen what things are 'related sites' to yours ?

mine are the Guardian and BBC news !

what a wonderful virtual world we live in.

"For ages it's been 57 people for russelldavies.com. But just yesterday I've noticed that it's now 56. I've lost someone! And it's obsessing me. What happened? What did I say? There's quite a low barrier to just leaving the subscription there so they must have very actively deleted me. it's quite depressing".

hurrah! thankyou Rodney

I think this should work - http://simonandrews.typepad.com/big_picture/index.rdf
I've subscribed via bloglines myself so it should work
A 7% audience increase - oh joy!

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