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Russell - good luck - look forward to hearing how it goes. I doubt anyone will be rude about anyone else - the end game of those tech conferences is about selling stuff rather than sharing perspectives anyway - best to enjoy it...

I decided, after watching some old episodes a few months ago, that instead of reading Wallpaper*, people looking for decor ideas should just watch Thunderbirds. This would be a lot more fun for them.

Russell --

Just saw your presentation at the AP Conference.
Love the hand written slides. Of course, the content was good too.

I figure if one gets one brilliant mind-expanding idea or presentation that can inpire them for the next year, well then, it was worth the trip.

Well, that finally happened on the very last day of the conference at 9:35 in the morning.


claire, that's very kind, thankyou

hi russell is there a spot on your blog where we can download your "handwritten" powerpoint?

thanks in advance

sorry. not got round to it yet. give me a couple of days.

I'm so jealous of you guys... I'm stuck here trying to make the hispanic advertising environment look better. Anyway, Russell, if possible, please let me know if you are coming to any event in NYC.

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