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I managed to leave my camera behind in Istanbul recently, but fortunately (after a lot of phone calls) the kind staff at http://www.hotellegend.com/
sent it back to me. With some interesting new pictures, including a movie of a cigarette burning down in an ashtray; Turkish Warhol if ever I saw it.

it could be the bearded theme for bearded customers ?

mobile personalisation at its best.

isn't there some sort of disposable camera thing website somewhere where you take a picture and pass it on then eventually send it back to the base to be developed and uploaded ?

or maybe i just made that up ?

If you made it up you're a genius. That's a great idea.

mmm. so now i have to prove i'm not a genius by finding the website !

Funny thing you should mention someone didn't clean out the memory on your "new" phone. I bought one off ebay...mine came with complimentary numerous photos of the person's Jack Russell terriers, a very real looking severed finger and no joke a short video of the wife/girlfriend in lingerie flashing a boob!

No, no people...erase everything before selling your phone on ebay!

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